AARE Designation

Ford Brothers Auctioneers who have the AARE Designation:

Paul Playforth

An auctioneer with the AARE designation has gone the ’extra mile’ to ensure they offer the highest level of professionalism and the most up-to-date information when it comes to selling properties. 
Whether selling residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial properties, AARE auctioneers have enhanced knowledge in all pertinent areas, such as:

  • Marketing techniques
  • Financial/investment calculations
  • Evaluating cash flow
  • Holding-period analysis
  • Tax consequences of buying and selling properties
  • Multi-parcel real estate auctions

The AARE auctioneer has successfully completed three (3) classes in order to gain the designation, and must maintain it with continuing education. Within three (3) years of attending AARE 300, submit:

  • Auction summary report that is reviewed and accepted by your instructor
  • AARE application
  • Proof of 10 real estate auctions